Homes for Sale in Lorton VA

One of the main reasons people enjoy living in Lorton, Virginia is its close proximity to both Washington D.C. and the beautiful outdoors. The real estate market in Lorton is currently favorable for buyers, with a variety of new construction and established neighborhoods to choose from. Purchasing a home in Lorton can be a wise investment due to the area's strong job market and good schools.

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History and Growth of Lorton, Virginia

Lorton is known for its rich history, dating back to the Revolutionary War. It was originally a farming community, but has since grown into a diverse suburb of Washington D.C. The major industry sectors in the area include government, healthcare, and education.

Major Attractions and Area Surrounding Lorton, Virginia

The nearest big city to Lorton is Washington D.C., which provides residents with numerous cultural and recreational opportunities. Some major attractions and destinations in Lorton include the Pohick Bay Regional Park, the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center, and the Laurel Hill Golf Club. People appreciate these attractions for their natural beauty, cultural events, and opportunities for recreation.

School Systems in Lorton, Virginia

Lorton has both public and private school options for families. The public schools in the area include Lorton Station Elementary, Hayfield Secondary School, and South County High School, all of which have received good ratings. Private school options include St. James Catholic School and the Fairfax Christian School.

Salaries, Crime, and Demographics of Lorton, Virginia

In terms of crime rate statistics, Lorton is considered to be a relatively safe area. According to data from the FBI, the violent crime rate in Lorton is lower than the national average. In terms of salary information, the median household income in Lorton is slightly higher than the national average. The demographics of Lorton are diverse, with a mix of families and professionals.

Other Cities and Areas Near Lorton, Virginia

There are several cities and areas near Lorton that are worth considering for those looking to move to the area. These include Alexandria, with its historic charm and waterfront setting, and Woodbridge, which offers a mix of urban and suburban living. Both of these cities are popular for their proximity to D.C. and their variety of amenities.

Lorton, Virginia Welcomes You

In summary, Lorton is a great place to live for its proximity to Washington D.C., attractive real estate market, good schools, and overall sense of community. If you're interested in purchasing a home in Lorton, we encourage you to get in touch with local real estate agent Jessica Bush to begin your home search.

Types of Houses in Lorton

Single Family Houses


The cost of living in Lorton, Virginia is generally considered to be higher than the national average.

Lorton is well connected by public transportation, with a VRE (Virginia Railway Express) station providing regular commuter service to Washington D.C. and bus services operated by Fairfax Connector and OmniRide.

There are several notable annual events and festivals in Lorton, including the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center's "Workhouse Arts Center's WOW (Workhouse Outdoor Weekend)" which is an outdoor event that includes craft vendors, food, live music, and family-friendly activities.

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